Monday, May 18, 2009

Mariah Carey - The Side Backfat Edition

Pass the barbeque sauce, girl!

Mimoo and her man-servant-husband, Nick Cannon

Now before ya'll get all up in my grill about being contradictory (see archive blog about Kelly Clarkson, listen UP.

Here's Mimoo Carey in Cannes this past weekend in a Roberto Cavalli gown with all of her extra meat comin' out the side. Someone please get this 40 year old woman a dress that FITS, mmmkay? Kelly Clarkson is not, I repeat NOT, a GD diva like Mimoo. Kelly wants to sing. Period. She goes onstage barefoot in JEANS, people. No comparison.

All I want to see is for Mrs. Cannon to dress appropriately; read: wearing an elegant dress about 4 sizes bigger. Know'msayin'?

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