Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm the QUEEN of Procrastination...Bear with me?

Ohdearlord. I've mentioned to y'all that we're doing new and wonderful things here on Dipped in Cream. The problem is, it's been one thing after another, so I've been a bit slow off the mark. 

Angelina, our chubby whippet (she hates when I say that) cut her wrist (A-BLOODY-GAIN--don't ask. This time a razor wasn't involved at least. Just know that she, Lohan and her namesake have something in common **COUGHcuttersCOUGH** and she needed surgery. She's fine now; I swear to God the next time she does it, off to Casa Palmera she goes.)

I also realize that most bloggers with small children can manage their blog while taking care of said small children. I cannot. I'm too old or something. So when my grandson Felix is here, all bets are off on trying to move forward with the plans for turning this little blog of mine to go BIGTIME!

So. This weekend, I have to learn Word-effing-Press--that's its true name, by the way. At least in this house. I cannot follow instructions to save my soul, so a big, fat GOOD LUCK is in order.

I have bought the domain -- so I will no longer be Now. This blog isn't going anywhere...but eventually (sooner than later, please Lord?) we will be completely on the new site. Better graphics, advertising (hey, a gurrl needa get paid, mmkay?) and purrdier, too!

Bottom line, I won't be blogging as much this weekend, because I'm tryna be all book-smart and stuff.

MUAH! I love all of you for helping me get here!  

xoxo ~j 



Annette said...

Looking forward to it! We'll be patient - remember to take a break x

Anonymous said...

One request??

Bigger font. Your font is too damned small for old eyes (you know, I'm 41) ... at the end of the day when I'm catching up, the fatigue of reading your small font, especially light print on a dark background, will cause me to eject rather than develop a tension headache from eye strain.

:) Pretty please???

DivaJulia said...

Dr. Heindel: YES--and I totally agree w/you about the font size. I'm blind as a bat now and the font will be black on a white background now. MUCH easier to read...and I WILL make it a bigger font as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some input!!

xoxo ~j

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to leave my name!

Tiffany :)

(only go by Dr. Heindel when I'm working)