Thursday, October 1, 2009

Madonna on David Letterman - GORGEOUS and Sweet!

My boyfriend and Madge
Madonna actually ate and swallowed some pizza.
She enjoyed a martini!

I've made fun of Madonna for looking like the mask from SAW ( )...and she usually does, but last night on my boyfriend David Letterman's show, she looked gorgeous. 

              Catherine Deneuve
                  Photo: Vanity Fair

I love her hair. She's got a slight Catherine Deneuve thing going on (photo above). I may have to see My Boys at Sugardaddy's Salon before going to my high school reunion in a few weeks to copy it. 

Oh, Jaaaames???



Anonymous said...

Madonna looked great! and was working the silhouette!
love the boys

Annette said...

Loved her whole look. She looked elegant and classy - and (who'd have thought it?) it suited her! She even spoke naturally - none of that posey phrasing she does when she's listening to herself.

jeanbean said...

Can't stand her! Don't care how she looks THIS time. Her problems start when she opens her mouth. Been so long since she was real, she doesn't even know who she is.