Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Runaways Trailer Starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning as Cheri Currie
and Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett in 
"The Runaways"

Oh boy. I may just have to eat my words. Remember a few months back when I was full-on bitching about Dakota Fanning playing Cheri Currie in the new film about the 70's badass girlband The Runaways? Oh, and that I thought Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl should be playing Cheri instead? I do believe Dakota's gonna prove me wrong and rock this shit.

Yeah--that's DAKOTA singing.

The real Runaways back in the day

Remember, too that Joan Jett, her-awesome-self hand-picked KStew to play her in the film. The two worked extensively together. I have a totally girl crush on Joan Jett.

Anyone else excited about this film???



Anonymous said...

Before you bitch about something, maybe you should do a little research. It's Cherie Currie, by the way. At least spell it right.

DivaJulia said...

Daaayum. Simmer down. I don't have a goddamn STAFF like everyone else does! I had taken my sleep meds and was barely able to get this up last night.

Merry fucking Christmas to you, too, Dakota.

jeanbean said...

First off, anyone that wants to bitch shouldn't hide behind "Anonymous". So she can spell the girls name, big fucking deal.I got what you were saying and I am looking forward to seeing this. Now I have to go meditate about not judging things before I know everything about them first. Anonymous is leading the class and I don't want to be late!!! She can be such a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

DivaJulia said...

Oh, JB...I love you. But don't worry. "Anonymous" isn't exactly that--I have a tracker. I know their IP address, hometown and all kinds of other info.

NOW who's the bitch??