Sunday, January 3, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Dipped in Cream Has MOVED!!

Hey, y'all! We have MOVED! Find all the same, but new and improved ridiculousness here:

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Someone explain to me what the GOTDAMNHELL JLo is wearing!

Jen? You're kidding me, right?

Here's Mrs. Handcuffed Skeletor last night in NYC, performing for God knows WHAT and for WHOM. All I know is, she looks like a loon. A very sparkly, squished, leotarded LOON. 

Happy New Year, Babies!!!


Oh, my darling readers...I wish you the most peaceful, loving and prosperous 2010. You have made my life so much richer by being loyal and wonderful.

Here are some photos from last night's AMAZING party with The Boys, Tim and James from SUGARDADDY'S. If you follow me on Facebook, you can find more pictures. (If anyone is interested, my dress is from -- and I LOVE it.)

I do want to pass on another fantastic blog called Crazy Days and Nights right now. Every New Year's Day, "Enty" (short for Entertainment Attorney--because that's what he is...) reveals a TON of Blind Items. Here's his website: Crazy Days and Nights. 

Just click and find out the big fat secrets...

Here's what I'd like from YOU. Photos of your New Year's. Whether you stayed home and watched Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN or watched fireworks in Sydney, Australia--I want it ALL.

Another quick note, within the next few days, I'll be moving to . 

This is SUPER exciting and will be great for everyone!  I'll keep you posted...

I love you all and again, HAPPY NEW YEAR, Y'ALL!!!!

Oh, and p.s. I realize Patrick and I are camera hogs. No need to tell me.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

Today's Blind Item - Yet another one, y'all Edition

"After this actor unexpectedly lost his wife, he had a major life change. Now that he's single, he's considered to be a great catch, but it's unlikely that any lucky ladies will "catch" him. That's because he now prefers young men. Particularly slender male escorts between 18 and 21.

He cruises the web for young men and calls himself "Leo." If he's VERY interested in someone he will fly the guy to wherever he is. He brings the escorts to his homes in New York and Los Angeles and is always polite and generous. Sorry, ladies."

via [Blind Gossip]

Oh dear. I'm hearin' all KINDSA names with this one. Ask me and I'll tell ya.

Happy Birthday, Hannibal Lecter--I mean, Anthony Hopkins!!

Anthony Hopkins


Happy Birthday to my favorite Welshman, Hannibal Lecter Anthony Hopkins. Our favorite face-biter (swooooon) is 72 years old today. And as a gift, I have the alternate ending KISS from Hannibal.

Best. Kiss. Ever. I LOVE when he says,
"...that's my girl.". Mmmmm.

 This is good...

So when Stephen and I were flying back to the States from Florence (there's your Snobby McSnooterson Quote of the Day!), there was a gentleman seated in front of us, whom I swore was Hannibal. I wouldn't let go of that image of him feeding the little boy that a-holes brains. It. Was. AWESOME.

I know. Enough with the serial killer stuff. For today, anyway.

Annette? Not a WORD from you, ya hear? 


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This. Is. Awesome. (For dorks like me.)

If this awesomeness means nothing to you, we're through.

Not really. It just means you're not quite as dorky as I am with regard to the tremendousnous known as American Psycho. You know, the crazy-ass movie with Christian-what-don't-you-f*cking-understand-Bale as Patrick Bateman?? Check out this billboard in New Zealand.

I cannot look at anyone's business card without secretly laughing in my head because of this scene.


American Psycho: Business Card Scene - Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Thanks, Stuart!!

Eff. The embed was pulled.

Happy Birthday, Tiger Woods, y'all.


Hey! Tiger Woods! It's your birthday! Here is my little gift to you:

It's all OVER the internet that what happened Thanksgiving night was a bit more than what we've all been told. After seeing texts from one of Tiger's hoes on his phone, it seems Elin took a 9 iron to Tiger's face, leaving a huge gash on his cheekbone and almost knocking out those two enormous front Chicklets.  That would explain Tiger's resistance in speaking with the authorities. 


"...between 11:30 pm – midnight, Elin confronted him about the message she found on his phone. It is also reported that she found photos on the cell phone.

Elin asked Tiger to come clean but he denied everything and told her she was reading “too much into it.” When he turned to face the television at one point thereafter, Elin apparently hit him with a 9 iron on the right side of his face, creating a huge gash and almost taking out two of his upper teeth.

Additionally, a bone was broken on the upper right side of Tiger’s face.
Tiger, shoeless, ran out of the house with Elin swinging the club behind him. She used the club to knock out the windows of the SUV, and from this point, the "cubs" began to emerge from Tiger's lair, one by one.

Bisher also reported that Elin panicked and called Mark Steinberg, Tiger’s agent, for advice on what to say. This accounts for the two different versions given by Elin.

Tiger was taken to the hospital where he was patched up but was told by the doctors he needed plastic surgery. They recommended a cosmetic dentist and a plastic surgeon in Phoenix."

Phoenix? That's handy. Isn't that where the posh rehab facility is that I wrote about yesterday?

So yeah. Happy Birthday, Eldrick Tont Woods.