Friday, January 1, 2010

Someone explain to me what the GOTDAMNHELL JLo is wearing!

Jen? You're kidding me, right?

Here's Mrs. Handcuffed Skeletor last night in NYC, performing for God knows WHAT and for WHOM. All I know is, she looks like a loon. A very sparkly, squished, leotarded LOON. 


halfbrown said...

J-Lo with a camel toe... nothing like bringing in the New Year by throwing up in my mouth a little.

jeanbean said...

That is funny halfbrown. I couldn't watch this part of the show. I can't stand that ugly ass couple so I switched channels while she was on.Yuck!

The Zimmerman Gang said...

OMG! my kids all covered their eyes and asked why she had on no clothes~lol! My youngest girl, 5yrs, said she didn't need to see her butt and boobies. I don't know what she was wearing but it sure gave me a chance an early chance to talk to my kids about their clothing choices.