Monday, October 27, 2008

Admit it. We're ALL scared of this happening.

No picture with this one kids. I'm not gonna do it.

A plot to assassinate Barack Obama and as many as 88 others by two neo-nazi skinheads has been broken up by law enforcement in Tennessee.

Let me rephrase that. Two dim-witted hillbillies with swastika tattoos and a shitload of illegal firearms were all set to massacre a huge population of a mostly african-american southern school--oh, and kill the black presidential candidate while they were at it, whilst wearing white tuxedos and top hats. Let me guess...all set to a soundtrack by Linkin Park or Marilyn Manson? They claim they would have died happily along with their victims and make History with a Capital H.

As disgusting (and cliche`) as this all sounds, I guaran-effing-tee it that I'm not the only one who is scared that someday this may play out in a very real and similar fashion. Our country will be forever divided and I'm not even kidding.


Mel&Zulu said...

Makes you wonder where some ppls ideas get hatched up. It was obviously a publicity thing, judging on all the dressing up they intended on doing, and knowing how crazy the world is. . .they prob would have gone through with it too. .. yikesssss

Jilly said...

I agree with Mel; 15 minutes of fame at any price!! Shouldn't people like this be neutered at birth to prevent the pollution of the gene pool??