Thursday, October 16, 2008

Am I Falling Off the Wagon?

I'm JUST. Really. I'm just looking at her. Okay, at how thin Victoria Beckham is. At how great her clothes hang. Wow, they're tiny. "ED" is talking to me. Let me introduce you to "ED". ED stands for Eating Disorder, as I learned at Casa Palmera (or Paloma Picasso, as Patrick calls it), the San Diego facility for eating disorders and addiction. In January I weighed 95 pounds. I was going to just drift away. That's a nice way of saying I was going to die. Between all the meds and none of the food I was eating, I would have died had I not gone. That place scared the living crap out of me. ED is supposed to be like a jilted lover who lurks and whispers to me when I'm hungry, or when my jeans get too tight. "You are such a cow!", I heard him hiss. ED could not BELIEVE how much I ate in Italy. I just told him to eff off.

Just like I'm gonna do today.
And yeah. That's me up there in March of this year. Ick.


Jilly said...

ED is a mother-f***er! Tell him to shut the hell up!! I think you look beautiful, and I only wish I could wear a pair of jeans like you do!! :)

Wrinkles said...

I went that-a-way for a while. Not as bad as you. I was 103lbs back in 2003. And I just didn't need food anymore. Then i saw a photo of me taken from behind and i looked like a freakin' praying mantis. 2 long stick arms i couldn't believe it. I didn't look like that in a mirror. Today i don't like what i see either. People aren't mentioning my weight anymore but i'm not happy with it! And Victoria Beckham being skinny didn't stop hubby having an affair did it?! P.S. Like Jilly said you look beautiful and you're probably the same size as V.B. anyhow!