Friday, October 24, 2008

Stinkfoot's Dad Burns Matt Lauer at Friar's Club Roast

"Matt, just let me grab your ass, like so..."
Flaming queer and nutty Scientolgist, Tom Cruise desperately tried to show a room full of truly funny people that he kinda has a sense of humor by participating in the Friar's Roast of The Today Show's Matt Lauer. How can we forget that cringey interview wherein Tom called Matt "glib" for daring to question Tom's non-belief in psychotropic drugs? Man, that was sweet. Then Tom proceeded to drag poor Brooke Shields into it because she admitted to taking anti-depressants for postpartum depression? No amount of joking will ever erase that piece of solid gold television history. He tried though.

Tom Cruise took to the stage, joking that “Matt and I talk two, three, four times a day,” before commenting to Lauer, “You’re the one who told me to talk about Katie Holmes on Oprah! Before leaving the stage, Tom Cruise joked, “I can’t believe I flew all the way out here…lose my number, you glib putz.”
Matt Lauer got in last jab, however, saying “Why don’t you sit down? We’ll get you a booster seat!”

Heh. Good one, Matt.

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Jilly said...

Oh man; how stupid does he sound using words like 'glib' out of context. DUDE: check out a Thesaurus and LEARN the meaning of the words you throw around!! A$$-wipe!!