Tuesday, October 28, 2008

These two need to sh*% or get off the pot

Bleh. THOSE two again.

Oh, but wait. John and Jen like smokin' their weed too much to get off "the pot", now don't they? I truly believe this is going to fizzle out just like it did before. He's too young and horny AND he loves the paparazzi. She hates the paps and certainly isn't too young. And honestly? This picture kinda creeps me out. I think it was style guru, Tim Gunn who said Tansiton dresses like she's "desperate". In that tiny, short black tank dress and oh, so cool hip-belt, she does look like she's saying, "LOVE ME!!!", don't you think?

I feel like I'm being super-critical, and I suppose I am. All I know is my contact lenses feel like they have kitty litter in them, I have baby puke on my Obama t-shirt from Felix and James the Boxer is snoring as loud as any old dude in a nursing home. Yep. That's all I know today.


Mel&Zulu said...

Jen Jen Jen. . .what happened!!!
I bet id look ten times worse if Brad Pitt dumped me arghhhhhh. . .lol.. . .

Jilly said...

Ha ha ha!! Brad wouldn't have picked me to begin with...forget the dumping part!! I'm so over Jen; but John, on the other hand is smokin' hot!!