Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Wonderful Organization



Abandoned by his family...
Austin sustained serious (possibly life-threatening) injuries including a fractured vertebrae in his neck and a radius/ulna fracture in his forearm. The break is located in the “dens” area of the spine between the first and second vertebrae. We were told that if the fracture shifts it would most likely kill him. With continued instability, there is a risk for suddenly luxating the spine, with acute paralysis and death.

Prior to NBR learning about Austin, he was kept as comfortable as possible at the hospital with pain medication for 15 days....
We were told this is a “waiting game” and Austin’s condition can change at any moment. We are giving him a chance at a good quality of life….but we are all holding our breath on his outcome. He will not be out of danger for several more weeks. Please say a prayer for this courageous little boy.

I know this picture of Austin is hard to look at...that's why I posted it. Please visit Northeastern Boxer Rescue at to see how YOU can help this sweet baby boy and others like him


Mel&Zulu said...

Awwww poor baby, he is absoultly gorgeous :(

Jilly said...

NBR is a great organization, and I have been supporting them since I heard my first rescue story.
P.S. Julia; that's where I got those cards I sent you!!
Austin is such a handsome man...and I love his baco!!