Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is "Felix" the New "Lola"?

Want thighs with that?

The REAL Felix

Oh boy. Here we go. Alex and Dayna are simply outraged that ANYONE, let alone a B, now-C-list celebrity could have the gall to name their baby Felix. Seems Gillian Anderson from "The X- Files" named her new baby boy the supposedly exclusive name, Felix. Does this mean that everyone will jump on the Felix Bandwagen as they did when Madonna named her daughter Lola? (NuttyScientologistLeah Remini, crazy-assDenise Richards, yo-yodieterCarnieWilson and my luminous Lisa Bonet, off the top of my head.) While I'm not sure about that happening, I am sure of this: all baby boys' names MUST end in "x", a la` the Jolie-Pitt boys, Maddox, Pax, and Knox, and now Felix. (I started it Alex.)

Oh. did I mention that StupidGillianAnderson has a 23 month old son named OSCAR? GAWD, that's stupid. We GET it..."The Odd Couple"! HAR HAR. Shoulda named him M A Y E R and be done with it.
Maybe in a couple of years, I'll be able to find a little bicycle license tag with Felix's name at the WalMart. Heh.

Off topic: On occasion. Alex now refers to Felix as "Vern Troyer" because he and Dayna saw stills from the "Austin Powers" star's porn video. Poor baby can't help he's chubby and curvy and has a (ahem) strong nose. Supergross, but sortafunny. (I don't wanna hear anyone tell me to quit being mean about that baby. I'm just tellin' ya what I heard.)

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Mel&Zulu said...

LMAO Julia. . .im changing my baby's name, he is gonna be called Zulux from now on. . .lol. .. .