Saturday, October 25, 2008

Urban Dictionary

Dumbass and Fatass


Word used to describe Jennifer Lopez' husband, Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony's nickname. Word used to describe a boney, skinny ass, ugly faced person.
1:"Hey, isn't that Marc Anthony on TV?" 2:"Yeah, that's Skeletor, J-Ho's man."

This little piece started out as my bitching about Jennifer (Don't Call Me J-Lo) Lopez and all of her trannyness. But man, did I come across an awesome website, Who KNEW there really is a word for Marc Anthony so perfectly defines him? They forgot to list "controlling dumbass Puerto Rican", though. Maybe in the abridged editon?
I'll come back to J. (I'll Call Her Whatever I Want) Lo later.


Wrinkles said...

"dumbass and fatass" classic! You are a harsh woman Julia!!

DivaJulia said...

I apologize for the "fatass" remark, but not the "dumbass".

Mel&Zulu said...

Yikessss. . Skeletor makes my skin crawl. . .and J-Ho. . .i read she is a real Biatch, staff cant look her in the eyes and all sorts, and she wouldnt agree to have her model put in Madame Tussards wax museum until they shaved off an inch from her butt, even though it was a real life size model! LMAO!!