Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We're Up and Running!

OHFORPITY!!! I've been blogging on other sites for way too long. It's time I started my own. You should know first that I'm a TERRIBLE proofreader, so expect omitted words, mispellings (what's spellcheck?) and a general hurried way of composition. (My grammar will always be impeccable, though.) There. I said it. This should eliminate any lawsuits and/or bitching.

Secondly, why "Dipped in Cream"? Because that's what I say to James (the baby boxer) every morning about his feet--"they were dipped in cream, they were dipped in cream"!

I don't expect to start out super-clever. Just give me time. I'm gonna talk about celebrity gossip, fashion, TV stuff, the weather (RAIN FOR THE NEXT 10 MONTHS IN SEATTLE!!), generally the usual blogger chatter.

xoxo J


Jilly said...

Heyyyyyyyy! No worries...spellcheck is for sissies!!

Mel&Zulu said...

I LOVE his creamy paws!!!!!!!!

Julia, your blog is fab!!