Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama on SNL November 1st?

Live from New York?

Seems Barack Obama may be a guest on SNL after all, and most IMPORTANTLY, on the Satruday before the presidential election. You'll remember he cancelled his appearance when Hurricane Ike hit because the timing didn't seem appropriate. (Good call.)
It has been reported,
"...in the wake of an awkward and unnecessary Sarah Palin appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, news comes that Lorne Michaels, who recently donated $4,600 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, may have coaxed the Illinois senator into appearing on SNL the Saturday before the election. "
Is this what the election has come to? Whoever gets the largest Nielsen Rating in the Saturday late-night timeslot? Wow.
p.s. At the risk of revealing too much, I just got my "That One in '08" bumpersticker.


Mel&Zulu said...

Is this who you guys are all voting for??

Sorry!! Dont know much about US Elections and who your all going for!

Cant be any worse then Bush and his terrible twin Blair though can it hahahahahaha

Jilly said...

Puh-leeze Mel; Do not put that man's name in the same post as Obama's!! Dear god, Bush is the epitome of trainwreck!!

Mel&Zulu said...

LMAO. . .. we went from one extreme to another here. . .we started off with Blair, he was ok but too much of a follower, almost sheep like. . .lol. . .and then we ended up with his clown sidekick Brown. . .we're doomed i tell ya. . .. bring on the new elections for UK.