Monday, October 27, 2008

The Leotarded Girls.

Treetrunk legs Rhianna
Daisy Lowe, the daughter Gavin Rossdale doesn't wanna talk about

It appears we're all supposed to dress like The Rockettes now. Rhianna, who almost NEVER wears a skirt or pants with her Danskin, is now wearing fishnets, 7" heels and bowler hat at the beach. We also have Daisy Lowe, who we only really know as the child Gavin Rossdale doesn't acknowledge wearing what looks to be missing a fluffy tail, ears and whiskers drawn on in eyeliner. (Maybe running around in this get-up will warrant a phone call from dad?)
I'm occasionally as trendy as the next gal, just not this time.


Jilly said...

I've got great legs, but still will not be caught DEAD in those getups!!

Mel&Zulu said...

Holy smokes i havent wore one of them since Gym class hahahahahha. ..and i dont intend too either. . .lol. . .