Friday, October 31, 2008

Mariah's Happy Sluttyween

Two slutty outfits for one Halloween...priceless.

THESE two again. Is it me, or does Nick Cannon always look like he dragged the slutty cheerleader over to the picture line at the high school school dance and he can't BELIEVE SHE SAID OKAY! He has that look in every GD picture I see of the two of them. And seriously? Does she ever NOT look like a stripper? The last time she looked clean and fresh was in the "Vision of Love" video in 1990.

When did I turn into such a lemon-faced prude?

1 comment:

Wrinkles said...

Yep - rough old slut. Annoying because she doesn't need that look to sell records. In fact it probably loses her the 'older' audience.