Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Miss Christian!! (And I Hate Kenley!)

I am in a constant state of cringe. Season 5 of Project Runway seriously makes my stomach hurt.

All together now: "I'm not trying to be elegant, Heideeeeee!" I ducked for COVER when stupidKenleyCollins (all one word) honked that memorable noise in response to Das Klum's critique of her butt-ugly "evening gown inspired by dead fish--I mean, naaaature". I SO wanted to see a red slap mark across that chick's face from Mrs. Seal's leather-gloved hand. Kenley is Officially. On. My. Last. Nerve.

I need to go watch Christian.


Jilly said...

Me too!! She is such a bitch, with all her eye-rolling, laughing at the other's criticism...and the worst was when she blew off Heidi. Sheeeeet! Heidi knows more about style than Kenley ever will. I liked Jarell. He was the shit!!
Guess I'll be rooting for Korto tonight.

Kalyn said...

OMG! You are so right. She is unbelieveable and has the most annoying voice!

Jilly said...

I'm so mad...that Leanne won last night. Talk about a one-trick pony!! I guess they thought her shit looked more 'couture', but I thought Korto's designs showed more creativity and imagination.