Thursday, October 23, 2008

Patrick: "Dog Parks Make Me Vomit..."

".because they are fillied with DOG SHIT." Patrick is fighting with his German Shorthair Pointer, Sam today. He awoke to Sam glaring at him with a look that Patrick interpretted as, "get out of bed, you lazy goddamn faggot" My vision is of poor Sam, in his Hugh Hefner silky bathrobe and Tim Gunn voice actually saying this to Patrick. (I love how we all just KNOW what our dogs are thinking,) They are now at the dog park in Palm Springs. Patrick is furious because the park is empty which means there is no one to "play with Sam, so I DON'T HAVE TO". I'm calling the ASPCA and turning Patrick in to the authorities.

1 comment:

Jilly said...

Sounds like Sam needs a friend!!
Whadda ya mean; full of dog shit?? People don't clean up after their mutts? Oh now there's the crime here!!