Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Director's Cut, Ya'll!

You're welcome.


cartermagna said...

"Better Behaved Trainwrecks" brilliant! I haven't started, or even thought about using labels yet but that's got to be one of the best I've seen.

Going for a troll round your archives if you don't mind missy!See you later. x

Wrinkles said...

I'm glad you posted this Julia! She looks good!! Everyone's so hard on her. She's had 2 kids, a busted up marriage, a mental illness to cope with and she's doing ok. And the press keeps banging on about how bad she looks - bloody hell - when they're out for blood... I would like to point out she gets photograhed all the time 'au naturel' and when on the rare occasion any of the other actresses/singers get caught out like this they don't look too good either (i'm refering to your previous post showing this). I'd LOVE to see Christina Aguilera (sp?) without all that slap on.

Jilly said...

I totally agree with Wrinkles. That video is like a big F. U. to everyone who's been slamming her for so long. Girl still has it!!