Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just Do it Already!

For reals? The Sun reports that the divorce is ON.
Madonna and Guy are going public with their divorce because they “can’t bear to live with the pretence any longer”.
They have had a string of shouting matches about the amount of time each devotes to their careers, and over Madonna’s desire to adopt another child.
These arguments smashed through their attempts at reconciliation “like a sledgehammer”.

A highly-placed source told The Sun: “It’s very sad. They were a great couple and brilliant parents. They just couldn’t live together any more.”
Pals say Madge, 50, initially wanted to wait until next year to announce their separation — after her Sticky and Sweet global tour is finished.
But now she and Brit movie director Guy, 40, want a divorce finalised before Christmas — which would have seen the eighth anniversary of their fairytale wedding in a Scottish castle.

Off subject a bit, I read Christopher Ciconne's book, "My Life With My Sister, Madonna" during the flight to Florence (trying to sound--slurrrrp--snooty). My review is this: They're both bitches. Dear Chris made Guy Ritchie out to be a complete homophobe and Madonna out to be a cheap-ass crazy ho. You notice how Madonna totally dumped her public affiliations with AMFAR once they got together? Just sayin'.

Anyway. Who gets custody of Madonna's accent?

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Jilly said...

LOL @ the 'accent'!! Has everybody else forgotten that Ms. Ciccone was raised in MICHIGAN???