Sunday, October 19, 2008

Of COURSE Dakota Fanning's a Cheerleader!

I See London, I See France
At the risk of sounding like a complete bitch, I'm loving the look of utter joylessness on the chick's face who's holding up Little Miss Perfect in the pyramid. You KNOW she wants to buckle her knees so Dakota falls and cracks her melon.
Dakota feels the need to gloat:,
"I am a cheerleader. Now everybody always wants me to do cheers. It's so funny."
She's really getting a sense of community at her new school.
"Cheerleading is so much fun, especially at your school because you get such a sense of school spirit and you're proud of your school. I love that. I'm the one that's on top of the (human) pyramid; I'm the flyer, so that's fun too."

What a goody-goody brat.
Okay. I'm being bitchy.

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Jilly said...

She better watch out that her base doesn't drop her...accidently, of course!! he he he!!
My bf's daughter was one of the holders, and when the flyer would cop a 'tude, they'd make her life hell!!