Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Scientoloweeeeeen!

For the love of L. Ron

Oh Happy Day. I can't go ONE WEEK without beating my favorite dead horse. Katie and Stinkfoot were seen in identical dork-orange dresses in Central Park today.

As a sidebar, why do I let myself get to the point of starvation then SLAM my meal--eat waaay too much, then bitch about how full I am?? I'm so effing full, I'm sweaty.

Okay, back to the stinkiness. Do I need to tell you all "that KID isn't wearing SOCKS again??" For pity sake. Katie's all bundled and Stinkfoot has her blanky and stuffy--but no coat, no socks and LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HER! Oh, and Cyndy? Take a good look at her shoes--they're scuffed and worn, so I KNOW they stink.

I will never grow weary of this...never.

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Mel&Zulu said...

LMAO. . .mummy pumpkinhead. . .and baby stinky pumpkin feet heehee