Thursday, November 6, 2008

Beloved Seattle Street Performer, Tuba Man, Killed by Teenage Thugs

Tuba Man, outside Key Arena in Seattle
Tuba Man, RIP

Seattle is a city of icons. The Space Needle, the rain, flannel, and grunge. To sports fans throughout the city, there was Tuba Man. No matter the weather or the team record, we always heard the low, soft boom of the sweet and quiet Tuba Man outside the stadium. Late on October 25, 2008, five thugs, all around 15 years of age, viciously beat and kicked Edward McMichael while he was in a fetal position on the ground. He died yesterday in his apartment. Two of the disgusting animals were apprehended by police, the others fled. I pray they are caught and tried as ADULTS for this completely senseless act of ruthless violence.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reports:

"Seattle knew Edward McMichael by sight or sound, the bespectacled guy with the wispy beard and floppy Uncle Sam and Dr. Seuss hats. For decades he breathed life into his shiny brass instrument, outside city sports venues.

Tuba Man for years played outside sporting events around the city, blowing dirges when the home team lost and cheerful tunes to follow victories, just for the joy of meeting the crowd. "That's what I value most," he said. "People." On Oct. 25, police say, McMichael, 53, was near a bus stop in the 500 block of Mercer Street when thugs attacked, beating and robbing him after midnight. He was taken to the hospital for head wounds and was home recovering. But he died sometime Sunday or early Monday."

Soundgarden may have immortalized "Spoonman", a fellow Seattle busker, but Tuba Man deserves tribute as well. Games just won't be the same without his gentle sounds accompanying us out into the night. Hell, SEATTLE won't be the same. Rest in peace, Tuba Man.

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