Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christian Dior. Couture I would wear!

I would totally wear every single one of these dress.

I covet all that is Christian Dior. In another life, I worked for Dior's skincare and beaute` line and just fell in love...the colors, the aesthetic and the luxury of it all swept me away. John Galiano's 2008 Fall Couture Collection makes me swoon. Rarely do I see a runway couture collection that is so wearable. Almost every single item was stunning and something I would wear in a heartbeat. Feast your eyes! (Granted, the hair and make-up are a bit much, but it's still tremendous!) I just love how this collection is so reminiscent of Dior's "New Look" from 1947--fuller skirts, tiny cinched waistlines and floaty fabrics. Who wouldn't LOVE to wear the evening gown in the first shot? It's a cross between Glinda, the Good Witch and Scarlett O'Hara. Dreamy!


Annette said...

I'd agree with you but it would be a lie because i'm sitting here in combat trousers, an oversized cable knit jumper and slippers!

DivaJulia said...

I may have you beat: black velour sweats, black Uggs and a ponytail--oh, and glasses today instead of my contact lenses. Attractive.