Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A couple of things...

Big, scary red lips on Oprah and Nicole w/Sunday Rose
Normal Nicole, back in the day
Dayna and Feef in early August
"So THAT'S where I get my, um, profile."
First things first. Nicole Kidman has GOT to put down the Restylane needle. I caught a glimpse of her on Oprah yesterday and shrieked at the TV, "LOOK AT HER LIPS!!" to the dogs, who wholehearted agreed with me. Holy crap. Listen, I've had my own Botox and Restylane injections. In fact, LOVE me some Botox. I look really crabby and unapproachable without it--but I don't have the frozen, waxy face that Nicole is sporting. No one was born with lips like that except for Angelina, and we all know it. (I've seen pics of Nicole smoking, so maybe she has "smoker's lips", but come ON...her mouth weighs more than that baby.)

Secondly, I took these pictures of Felix ("Feef" as he's being called--love it) back in early August. This just goes to show that "regular" folks like us can have the Perfect Movie Star photographs, too. Hint: Put everyone in black or white clothing, crop the photos nice and tight, then print in black and white. Awwwwwesooooome.

So goes my Tip of the Day. Wait--cut down on the Restylane, too.


Jilly said...

Diva; Don't be so modest. You take movie-star quality photos because you are a GODDESS!! Don't you forget it!!
I'd love to have Angie lips, but afraid mine would end up looking like Nicoles's, ha ha ha!!
I'd better stick with what God gave me...which isn't much, lol

Annette said...

Ditto what Jilly said! Beautiful photos! And i owe you an email about the other ones!
Nicole now has the same mouth as the Alien - the smaller one with the gnashing teeth but minus the drool. I think she's tried to hide the fact that she had a quite 'gummy' smile before by turning her lips inside out. Repulsive result though isn't it?

DivaJulia said...

Oh, Annette. When can you start? Imagine the fun we'll have!!!