Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Official: I'm O L D.

I distinctly remember my grandfather (who is alive and still tellin' everyone what to do) calling the Beatles "those clods" when they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show back in the day. (Google THAT, youngsters!) As in, "who are THOSE clods?" I was three years old.

I'm forever accusing my son Alex, of turning into his great-grandfather (whom we call "Poppo"). Alex stands on his porch, hands on hips with a scowl on his face, bitching about "those KIDS!" as they have the nerve to skateboard down his street. He's even called the cops on "those kids" for talking too loudly in the street after 11:00 p.m. I don't think Poppo even did that. By the way, Alex is 24 years old, has a shitload of tattoos (really scary ones, too--a bloody chainsaw with wings on his chest? How darling!), and has a shaved head. It was just a couple of years ago that he was one of those "butthole kids" with a skateboard; now he's the hardest workin' man in retail, tryin' to put food on the table for his family....just ASK him--he'll tell ya. He's referred to as an "AssMan" now. Assistant Manager. I just learned that.

MY POINT IS!! What the HELL is Miley Cyrus all about?? I swore I would never mention her on this blog...and yet, here I go. I inadvertently saw her on Dancing With the Stars on Wednesday. (The finale--the only episode I saw this season. Whatev.) I really tried to look away once she appeared onscreen, but I was rendered stiff and unable to move. Not in a good way. I've read all kinds of crap about her. I've seen her icky little phone pictures she takes of herself in the shower, in her bra and other stuff she should be sorry for, but isn't. I know she's "dating" some guy who's like, 40? Okay 20. She JUST turned 16. Granted she's not your ordinary 16 year old...I take that back. I think she IS; she just has a billion dollar bank account. I'm rambling. Here's what I saw:

I understand she wrote this song. Good for her. But there is something about her mannerisms that just creeps me out. (Here's where I sound old...) She just seems so sexually inappropriate. God, I sound pinched. Oh, and I heard there was an offer from Miley's weird Hannah Montana show for Sasha and Malia Obama to appear. It's good to know Barack and Michelle have the sense to protect those precious angels from that kind of attention. Holy CRAP I sound like an old biddy.

I think Stephen and I will go to the Senior Citizen Early Bird Dinner at Denny's tonight. Then we can come home and watch TVLand for a spell.


Jilly said...

Oh. My. God. I had to turn it off, I couldn't watch. That is just wrong. She is 16, for Christ's sake!! What's next: 10 year olds offering oral? ha ha ha!!
Her only hope is that she learns from Britney's mistakes in the past and follows a smoother path.
OLD? Oh HELL no, you are not old!!
Lol @ early-bird special at Denny's!!

Annette said...

I have 2 thoughts about her. Unattractive and uninteresting. Guess that means i'm old too. Jilly's right - her parents are obviously more interested in all the money she's making.