Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winona Ryder must've taken a gross of Xanax...

I know that crazy-eyed look. order to pass out yesterday on a flight to London on British Airways. The reason I know what I'm talking about, is well, I used to ingest these things like SweetTarts and M&Ms (oh, the pretty colors!). We know she's fond of the narcotics and benzos--I was, too! Good Lord. There's no WAY it was just a couple too many with this chick. When I was on the Valley of the Dolls Diet, I was dry-swallowing Clonopin, three different anti-depressants (thanks to an over-zealous shrink), fiorinal, Xanax, sucking on fentanyl lollipops (whee! 80 times stronger than morphine?? Who KNEW?) and oh, let's just stop there. No need to completely air my dirty laundry. ANYWAY, my POINT is, sistergirl had to have taken a shitload of pills. Once your body gets used to that much crap in its system, you need to take them by the handful in order to feel anything. Winona needs more than her stomach pumped. She needs someone to go through her purse and take that poison away from her and ship her off the REAL rehab.

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