Monday, November 3, 2008

So, so sad...

Madelyn Dunham with grandson, Barack Obama

The Chicago Tribune reports:
The day before the presidential election, Sen. Barack Obama's grandmother, a woman he called "Toot" and someone who helped raised him, has died.Obama's campaign reported the death of Madelyn Dunham, 86, this afternoon as he and the media traveling with him landed here for the second of two campaign rallies he has scheduled today.Aides said the Democratic nominee learned of her death about 8 a.m. Eastern time and that she passed at her home in Honolulu between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. Eastern time.Obama's grandmother, who had been gravely ill, was a rock of stability, giving him the American roots that would ground his teenage years as well as his career in politics.

It's such a shame she wasn't able to see the fruition of her grandson's (whom she called "Bear") efforts in this historical election.

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Mel&Zulu said...

Awww pity she wasnt there to see her grandson take his first steps as President of USA, i think she would have been soooo proud, i bet she was anyways, but to actually witness him there, i bet that would be something she would never have imagined in all her years. :(