Friday, November 7, 2008

Stinkfoot Suri is Taunting Me!!!

Flaunting her Stinkfootedness

I know I said I was gonna leave her alone, but "she's smilin' at me mean"*!! How am I supposed to resist such blatant stinkfoot behavior, I ask ya?

I'll have the corn chips and a glass of vinegar, please.

*Alex used to torture Hunter by "smilin' at him mean" when Hunter was reprimanded as a small child. (They are 24 and 19 respectively. Nothing has changed.)


Annette said...

Her feet probably don't sweat because.....she's actually a cyborg created by the scientologists. Which would explain a great deal.

DivaJulia said...

No. I'm SURE they stink. Shiloh's don't. ;)