Thursday, November 27, 2008

Britney's performance in Germany - Madonna Homage?

Madonna looks awesome...

DW-World reports: Twenty-six-year-old Spears collected the Bambi statuette for Best International Pop Star, and performed the song "Womanizer" from her new album "Circus," at a gala ceremony hosted by the Hubert Burda Media group on Thursday, Nov. 27.
The Bambis are one of Germany's top media honors, having been awarded since 1948. A film award at the outset, today the awards go to a wide range of people in the entertainment industry as well as in politics, economics and sports.
It was both Spears' recent climb back up the pop chart ladder and her scramble out of the hole of personal crisis that impressed the awards jury.
"The pop princess is back on her throne, better than ever before," the prize jury said when announcing its decision.

Good on ya, Brit--but how come you're wearin' Madonna's sweaty Sticky and Sweet outfit?


Annette said...

Madonna looks like she's wearing a good old pair of Granny Belly Warmer Knickers - I suppose it's a step towards being a bit more respectable....or not.

DivaJulia said...

Brit's are even grannier!