Sunday, November 23, 2008

Depending on your frame of reference...

Drew Carey
Charles Nelson Reilly
> Larry "Bud" Melman from the old
Late Night With David Letterman in the 80's

Poor tortured Felix.

it's up to you which "Separated at Birth" you choose to accompany Felix!

This poor child doesn't stand a chance at a normal life.


Annette said...

My God i just hope Felix grows up to have a sense of humuor else you're all going to be murdered in your sleep one day!! (Definitely has the same mouth as the Melman guy! hahaha!)

DivaJulia said...

He actually looks like my grandfather, who lives in Connecticut...Felix's great-great grandfather!

A sense of humor is a prerequisite to being born into this family...he has one; or else yes--we are all in trouble.

Mel&Zulu said...

LMAO. . .Felix looks adorable Julia. . .lol. . .