Monday, November 24, 2008

What the goddamn hell is Beyonce wearing NOW?

Oh guuurrrrl.

Is there ever going to be a week where Beyonce` doesn't get my "What the Goddamn Hell" award? Wow. Last night's American Music Awards were so boring that I couldn't bring myself to even sit through 5 minutes of the show. If I see Kanye West bitch about losing or winning the wrong award one more time, well, I don't know what I'll do. Maybe stop singing along with Stronger or something severe like that. Oh, and Alicia Keyes pisses me off. She tries so hard to be a badass feminist with songs like Superwoman and just ends up sounding so contrived. Bleh. The new 007 theme with Alicia and Jack White is lame, too. Give me Shirley Manson or Chris Cornell any day.

Anyway. Beyonce`! You're killin' me! I betcha one of your dressers going to get a fierce hair pullin' for forgetting to squeeze you into your pants last night.

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