Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What the Goddamn Hell is Paltrow Wearing?


I confess. I positively LOATHE Paltrow...with every fiber of my being, I hate her. (I know, "wasted emotion", but I cannot help it. I've TRIED.) I will jump on any chance I get to ridicule this smug, pinched, faux-British crabapple. (Ugh--remember during the Oscars recently when she kept referring to Anthony Hopkins as "An-Tony".? I seriously wanted to spit on the TV screen.)

This dress. I think she's spending too much time in Mariah Carey's closet.


Annette said...

I'm busy busy busy! But still finding time to pop in and see what you're bitchin' about!! So to glue your underwear onto the outside of your clothes is a no-no?? Definitely!! I think it suits her 'tranny' look very well.

Jilly said...

OMFG!! She has now totally validated everything I have ever thought about her. Hottie Chris needs to drop her sorry ass and pick up a truly deserving diva!!