Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Guilty Pleasure: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian looking DDG*
Hey, aren't those the Louboutin boots I just talked about?

Kim, without make-up, looking lovely

I love Kim K. I know a bunch of other cool people who love her, too (Dayna and Patrick, for instance). I love Keeping Up with Kardashians. I can't help it. I don't even classify the E! series as a "trainwreck". It's good family entertainment--IF your family's members have a sex tape or a couple of DUI violations. If you want to see three gorgeous yet silly sisters tell their much younger sisters about "the curse of menstruation", you got it. You want to see three gorgeous yet silly sisters fight about Kim's new Bentley and how they hate that she used the word, "Bentley" 22 times in 30 minutes, you got it. You want to see Bruce Jenner emasculated by his wife Kris and her three gorgeous yet silly daughters as they all sneak off the Mexico to the Girls Gone Wild mansion for photoshooots and high jinx? Oh man. You got it! The list goes on and ON. They tease, laugh, bicker, smack each other, cry and make up all in one 30 minute episode--and with my attention span, it's just perfect.

So here's Kim, looking amaaaazzzzing on the cover of Vegas magazine this month. Yeah, she wears a lot of makeup, but check her out in the last picture...she's gorgeous without makeup. So there.

"Kim is featured in the latest issue of Vegas magazine and she is looking incredible. Kim, who was booted off Dancing with the Stars weeks ago and is getting serious with NFLer Reggie Bush, looks to be in some serious shape for this shoot…. "
*Drop Dead Gorgeous


Jilly said...

Is this the same Kim Kardashian who has a father named Robert...better known for his infamous low-speed chase with a certain ex-football running back in the back seat?? (circa 1994)

DivaJulia said...

Bingo. He died years ago. His widow, Kris then married Olympic decathalon gold medalist-plastic surgery enthusiast, Bruce Jenner. His son, Brody is the douche--ONE OF THE MANY douches--on "The Hills", which I refuse to watch. Then Bruce and Kris had two little girls and they are all one big crazy-ass family.

I'm exhausted.

DivaJulia said...

Oh...Robert Kardashian was on OJ's defense team. I didn't get around to fully answering your question...