Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sexiest Man Alive? Are you SURE?

Meh. I beg to differ.
Daniel Craig wearing Tom Ford.
Now THAT'S sexy.

I'm just not feeling Hugh Jackman as "The Sexiest Man Alive". At ALL. Who I am um, feeling, is Daniel Craig. I admit it: I just saw Quantum of Solace with my husband. Wow. Let me clarify, though. I'm a menswear dork. I have an extensive background working in menswear and I adore mens clothing. (Alex and my husband also have careers in the industry, so it runs in the family.) When I heard Tom Ford was dressing Daniel for QoS, I flipped right out. (We have a picture of Tom TAPED to the wall in our walk-in closet! GOONS, I tell ya.) Okay, I'm rambling aimlessly. Hugh Jackman just threw his hat in the ring for this prize because his new movie with Nicole Kidman, Australia (yawwwwn) is coming out. Honk Shooooo.

Bottom line:
Hugh Jackman = Unfashionably dull and not very sexy.
Daniel Craig + Tom Ford = Unbelieveable sexy and stylish.


Jilly said...

Oh boy; I'm with you on the fashion angle. Daniel Craig is HOT!! Nothing says sexy like a man who can wear anything and look awesome!!

Annette said...

To be precise:
Nothing says sexy like a man who can wear NOTHING and look awesome!!