Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Really, Kate?

THIS is the Kate Winslet I recognize...


A few years ago, Kate Winslet was irritated with a magazine for retouching her photographs so much that she spoke out about what had been done to the original image. Have you seen the December issue of Vanity Fair wherein Kate looks completely flawless? I don't have a problem at ALL with photoshopping pictures...most everyone needs something smoothed out or lightened up. What I take issue with is Kate telling the press that these photos were not retouched.

"Kate is furious at suggestions that her body has been airbrushed," her rep said according to People Magazine. Well-known tabloids such as The Sun and Daily Telegraph were among the first to criticize Winslet’s pictures. The Sun asked rhetorically on its first page whether "that magic airbrush has been at work again," while the Daily Telegraph went so far as to consult a digital retouching expert to analyze the actress’ photos.An expert who analyzed the photos for the Daily Mail said the actress looks unnatural smooth in them. Her skin has been “retouched all over” and there are no wrinkles or lines or veins on her hands and feet. Furthermore, Winslet’s bottom has been “rounded off” so it looks nice and pert.It’s very hard to believe that Winslet doesn’t have any wrinkle at all on her face considering the fact that her biggest vice is coffee and a cigarette, as she confessed in the interview.
I love Kate's work as much as the next guy--and I really loved how she seemed so down-to-earth and normal. In the Vanity Fair interview she even says she still has many leftover body-image issues. Really, Kate? Don't try to make us believe that these photos are the real, natural thing. This only adds to the "beauty myth" that women must wrestle with and men just don't.. It's statements like these that cause me to think that's what I'm supposed to look like. Bleh.. Thanks a bloody lot.


Mel&Zulu said...

Wootwoot kate. . .naked laydee. . .leonardo Dicaprio would have ravished her in Titanic if she dressed like that hahahhaha

I LOVE airbrushing, who ever invented it is a genius . . ..lol. . . :)

Jilly said...

I think she's gorgeous, airbrushed or not. But I wonder how good a photographer could make ME look, lol!!