Sunday, November 9, 2008


GAH! The guy on the left used to be Mickey Rourke w/Crazy-Ass Evan Rachel Wood
GAH!! Crazy-Ass ERW w/ex-boyfriend, Marilyn Manson

I have so many questions. They are as follows:

1.) What the hell made Mickey Rourke do that to his face? Jesus. He's completely unrecognizable from 9 1/2 Weeks. He looks like papier mache` float for the Mardi Gras parade.

2.) Why?? I would love to hear what a psychiatrist has to say about this girl, Evan Rachel Wood and her choice of male companions. The thought of what she's done with these two seriously makes me ill. (Looky! Here comes Prudy McSelf-Righteousness!) Remember Evan from that TV show several years ago called "Sisters"? Wasn't she Sela Ward's daughter?

3.) Was Marilyn Manson not enough of a circus oddity for this chick? Wow.

Anyway, Rourke and Wood are in a movie called The Wrestler. Everyone is talking about how Mickey Rourke is a shoo-in, not just for a nomination, but to actually win the Oscar. I can see it now, he'll be the toast of the town for about 6 months, then crash and burn. Just my personal prediction.


susanh4700 said...

Evan Rachel Wood was Billy Campbell's daughter on Once and Again and Sela Ward was Billy's love interest.
The all knowing Mom

DivaJulia said...

She knows EVERYTHING. (That's where I get it...) ;)

Jilly said...

Eeeeuuwww! I used to think Mickey Rourke was HOT...not anymore!!
Pssst: Mom's are supposed to know everything!! You came by it honestly, J.