Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chris Cornell and Timbaland Tonight

Very odd couple

So Hunter and I are seeing Chris Cornell (formerly of Seattle's own Soundgarden and supergroup Audioslave, ya'll) and Timbaland (uber-producer who has worked with Justin Timberlake, Nelly Fertado, Missy Elliot and others), tonight at the Showbox in Seattle. They are only doing eight smallish shows for this mini-tour, promoting Chris's new cd (due in January '09) called Scream. Not the best album title...makes me think of Michael and Janet Jackson's weird-ass video back in the day. Anyway, the reviews of these small shows have been less than stellar. I think a lot of people are having issues dealing with Chris straying from his Blackhole Sun days. Old school Soundgarden fans think Chris's working with a major hip-hop producer is complete sacrilege. God forbid anyone try something NEW. I've heard a couple tracks and personally think that Chris embraces this genre with intelligence and a great groove. I'm keeping an open mind about tonight's show, and will certainly fill you in afterward.

Now, can I just find something to wear that won't totally embarrass Hunter? Maybe the "mom jeans", clogs and a crisp polo shirt? Heh.

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