Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twilight = Smoking weed on your front stoop

That chick from the #1 movie in the country, smoking a bowl first thing in the morning.

Here's what I know about Twilight. Nothing. Except that it's now a movie; it was a bunch of books about vampires for teenaged girls who swoon over some undead guy named Edward; and written by some mom from Utah. These girls wait in line at malls for a glimpse of this British dude (who does NOTHING for me--ick!) and also travel way up to FORKS, Washington to see where some of the movie was filmed. Really, that's all I know.

Hold on a second...I also know that this young woman, Kristin Stewart who stars in the movie (and is a horrible interview--didja see her on David Letterman?? Good God), probably shouldn't be smokin' a bowl of weed for all of the free world to witness. Man, that's just not cool. We may have ourselves a new trainwreck, ladies and gentleman.

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