Monday, December 21, 2009

Brittany Murphy Update - Autopsy Completed; Rumors Still Circulate

1977 - 2009

So, I'm hearing that Brittany's autopsy results were "normal". By that, they mean there was no outward appearance of trauma and her organs looked relatively "normal".  We won't hear about any toxicology reports for 4-6 weeks, and remember, too, that a lot of prescription medications were found in her home. I believe her doctor(s) will be having a chat with the authorities...and soon.

Meanwhile, LOTS of reporters are commenting on what a dirtbag her husband, Simon Monjack was/is, whether it's fair or not. Hundreds of fingers are bring pointed his way with regard to Brittany's demise and Monjack's influence on her lifestyle.  We'll have to see what transpires.

Meanwhile, I found a lovely tribute to Brittany on YouTube.

via YouTube

Oh, and TMZ also reported that Brittany left a will - and left everything to her mom. I do know that California is a community property state, which should mean her estate would go to her strange husband at the end of the day. Again, we'll see what happens. "Natural causes" as the reason for a 32-year old woman just doesn't sit well with me. It's well-known that she had body image issues. I think she was extremely beautiful; those enormous eyes and engaging smile...

I think it's just sad all the way around.  

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jeanbean said...

I think the community property thing only comes up in a divorce. If she has a valid will, it will stand. If he turns out to be a dirtbag, he won't get anything unless he contests the will in court. That "natural causes" issue also bugs me. There is nothing natural about dropping dead at 32.