Monday, December 21, 2009

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo gives grizzly bears a special holiday treat!

A spaghetti and pineapple Christmas tree!

How sweet is this? 


"The grizzlies at the Woodland Park Zoo got a treat this morning when what to their wondering eyes should appear but a tree decorated with pineapple rings.

Zoos call this sort of thing "enrichment" for the animals, but it's also a good way to drum up off-season business.

Until Jan. 3, mention "Winter Fun" upon entry and one child 12 & under gets in free with each paying adult.

Here's the schedule:

Monday, December 21, 28              
11:00 a.m., Sun bears                      
Noon, Grizzlies                                 
1:30 p.m., Pigs                                  
2:00 p.m., Elephants

Tuesday, December 22, 29              
11:00 a.m., Orangutans                      
Noon, Otters                                 
1:00 p.m., Golden lion tamarins                               
2:00 p.m., Tigers

Wednesday, December 23, 30              
11:00 a.m., Snow leopard cubs                  
1:00 p.m., Gorillas                               
1:30 p.m., Penguins                                 
2:00 p.m., Australian birds and keas
I love The Woodland Park Zoo. It's a lovely natural space for the animals and birds (the penguin exhibit is amazing!),  and the folks who work with the animals are so devoted. During Halloween, many of the animals are given pumpkins for a special snack! 


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