Monday, December 21, 2009

Tiger Woods continues to be a Grade-A A-Hole.

It's now called The Dumbass

Oh, Tiger Woods. Is this really the best idea you could come up with for Christmas? 

Tiger thinks that by loading up his yacht called Privacy (eyeroll) with a bunch of his buddies (only dudes--as bloody IF) and setting off for The Bahamas is the awesome thing to do in the midst of his marriage falling apart.  Isn't that what any married guy caught with over 10 mistresses would do? 

Enjoy it, my friend. Come 2010, you will be hit with a stack of divorce papers heavy enough to sink that little boat.



cartermagna said...

He's screeeeeeeewed. The world knows it and so does he. In the meantime; beers, boys and just ignore the inevitable.

Jules, it couldn't be much more textbook than this. It really couldn't.

DivaJulia said...

CarterMagna: Tiger makes me angry on a very deep, visceral level. I've used this quote before and it's an ugly one:

"No matter how beautiful the woman, SOMEONE is sick of fucking her."

Shameful, is what it is.

jeanbean said...

Honestly, what else can he do?! He is not wanted anywhere right now so he may as well be on a yacht with a bunch of people that will still kiss his ass. He is enjoying what he has for the time being. He is going to make Heather Mills settlement look like chump change. Go Elin!!!!