Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods? If we know about 10 mistresses, there MUST be over 100! **UPDATE** Tiger didn't use condoms. WHAT???

How'd ya get that cut, Mr. Man?

So we're up to 10 and counting, y'all. Sigh. If you're taking notes--and I know you are--here you go: 


1. Cori Rist: The New Yorker got involved with the golfer after meeting him at a club in Manhattan, according to the New York Post. Says her ex husband's girlfriend on Rist and Woods' involvement, "I am not surprised at all."

2. Mindy Lawton: The 33-year-old pancake-house waitress claimed Woods dumped her in 2007 after National Enquirer cameras caught the pair having sex in his SUV outside her trailer in April 2007. "Tiger just used me as his sex toy," Lawton told a British tabloid over the weekend.

3. Jaimee Grubs: A 24-year-old Las Vegas-based cocktail waitress who told Us Weekly she had 20 sexual encounters with Woods in about three years. The golfer left her a voicemail urging her to delete her name from her cell phone's outgoing message because his wife Elin Nordegren had found out about their affair.

4. Rachel Uchitel: One of the golfer's pals paid for a plane ticket for the 33-year-old VIP club hostess to meet Woods at an Australian golf tournament last month. Woods allegedly paid her "at least a million dollars" to keep quiet about their affair, according to the daughter of Uchitel's lawyer.

5. Kalika Moquin: Her pals have told media outlets the 27-year-old Las Vegas-based club employee is no longer involved with the father of two.

6. Jamie Jungers: The 26-year-old -- who reportedly met Woods in Vegas -- worked for Trashy Girls, a lingerie line and entertainment agency.

7. Another VIP Club Hostess: An unnamed 26-year-old from Orlando, Fla. claims to have carried on a two-year affair with the married golfer. "The woman was 20 when Tiger approached her," her lawyer told the New York Post. Now a corporate employee, "she has not come forward... out of respect for Woods."

8. British TV Broadcaster: According to the London Sun, Woods would "hook up" with this woman while in England. "His fling... was the talk of the PGA," says the paper.

9. Older woman: British reports claim Woods also had dalliances with a "sex-addicted cougar," although not much is known about her yet.

10. Holly Sampson: According to the Sun, Woods was involved with this 36-year-old porn actress, who has starred in flicks such as "OMG, Stop Tickling Me" and "Flying Solo 2." She has neither confirmed nor denied the reports."

Great. Pretty soon we'll have the "Twelve Ho's of Tiger" to sing for the holidays. 



This is just idiotic...but typical. According to US Magazine Cheetah Tiger Woods wasn't in favor of using comdoms. He didn't enjoy condoms, nor did he look forward to using condoms. (Those are phrases used in our family when we LOATHE or REFUSE to do one thing or another--thanks to Tim Gunn and my sweet friend, Kimberly!) Get a load of THIS crap:

"Jaimee Grubbs -- a 24-year-old cocktail waitress who broke the news to Us Weekly that she had a 31-month affair with Tiger Woods -- says the golfer, 33, never wanted to use protection.

Apparently, he also didn't use condoms while bedding 33-year-old restaurant manager Mindy Lawton, according to Lawton's sister, Lynn. "She said he never wore condoms," Lynn told British tabloid, News of the World. "I was so worried she might catch a disease, especially as we suspected he was promiscuous."

Experts tell that not only did Woods risk his own life, but also the lives of his wife, model Elin Nordegren, and their two children, Sam, 2, and Charlie, 10 months.

"It's self-destructive behavior," says psychotherapist Rhonda Findling, author of Don't Call That Man! "Sometimes it's just momentary stupidity, but this seems like sexual addiction."

Woods likely forgot about protecting himself because "the only thing he cared about at that moment was feeling good," says Findling."

How long before little Tiger CUBS start peeking their heads out?



Annette said...

Can i be number 9?

DivaJulia said...

I'm trying to keep it confidential, Annette. Way to blow your cover.

Pun intended.

xoxo j

Annette said...

Hihi! He's not my type anyhow. Then again he suddenly got less boring.