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Brittany Murphy's Husband, Simon Monjack Speaks Out About His Wife's Death...

 Simon Conjack Monjack
driving himself around the
day Brittany died. Seriously?

I gotta tell ya something. If I were dealing with the death of my spouse or a child, the LAST GOTDAMN THING I would be doing is talking to ANYONE. And I mean ANYONE. Get. The. EFF. Away. That includes news, bloggers or Access-Freaking-Hollywood.

When I hear about someone like this Monjack character (aka Brittany Murphy's husband) talking to Access Hollywood, it makes me cringe. We're all getting the sense that he's trying to clear his name before it's officially sullied. 

via AccessHollywood:

“My world was destroyed yesterday,” an emotional Monjack told Access Hollywood on Monday afternoon.

Following the news of the actress’ death at the age of 32 on Sunday, the Hollywood community offered an outpouring of love and condolences for Murphy – and one message, in particular, was very moving to Monjack.

“I loved what Ashton [Kutcher] wrote on Twitter. It was comforting to me,” Monjack told Access Hollywood, adding he did not know his wife’s former “Just Married” co-star personally. “I couldn’t have said it better.” (Really, dude? YOU couldn't have said it better?  You left it to your wife's ex-fiance`?)

The message posted by Ashton read, “2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon. see you on the other side kid.”

“She had laryngitis,” he said, noting she had seen a doctor. “She had been tired at the end of the year. She had made a couple movies.” (Oh, and all those prescription drugs found by the bed...)

In his interview with Access, Monjack – who married Murphy in 2007 — took exception to the idea that his wife may have been linked to people who were bad influences on her. (He took "exception", did he?)

“I don’t know why anyone would think that,” he said. “She found love. We found love. Brittany didn’t get to where Brittany was with anyone controlling her… Brittany was Brittany.”

Another publication had some more descriptive outline of this guy and his questionable behavior:

via US Magazine:

Regarding Simon Monjack:

1. He's Been Friends With Brittany Since She Was 17 But they didn't wed until 2007 -- after her two failed engagements to best-boy grip Joe Macaluso and talent agent Jeff Kwatinetz and a seven-month romance with Ashton Kutcher.

2. His nickname to some is "Conjack" He started out directing commercials and later went on to work as a director and screenwriter. But Vanity Fair points out "his most significant credit to date is contributing story material" to the 2006 Edie Sedgwick bio Factory Girl. The film's director George Hickenlooper has accused Monjack -- dubbed "Conjack" by some associates who accuse him of shady business dealings -- of improperly suing to get an executive producer credit on the film, which Hickenlooper alleges Monjack then used to scam his way into other productions. Hickenlooper recently blogged (according to VF):

"He is a con man and a bad guy. When Brittany married him I warned her and warned her as did so many others. I only hope to God that this creep wasn't instrumental in her sad sad demise."
Vanity Fair is NOT a gossip rag, y'all. Oh, and Brittany's long-time friend Jamie Presley's response when asked if she was close to Brittany--"I was, before she married him." Wow.

3. He was evicted According to New York's Daily News, there was a big income disparity between Murphy and Monjack. While she was paid $4 million for 2004's Little Black Book, he encountered numerous financial woes (he was once reportedly sued by a mortgage company for $470,000 and evicted from his residence).

4. He was "incoherent," hospitalized a month before Brittany's death In November, he was rushed to a L.A. hospital after reportedly becoming incoherent during a flight from Puerto Rico (where he was accused of causing problems on the set of one of Murphy's former films, which they denied). Murphy had said he was treated for asthma.

5. He frantically tried to save her life After Murphy was found
"unresponsive" on her bathroom floor Dec. 20, Monjack, who was in bed, ran to the bathroom, according to notes from an investigator with the Los Angeles coroner's office. He "attempted to revive the descendent by placing her in the shower and running the water."

6. He initially didn't want an autopsy performed He has said it was because he "couldn't bear" the idea of his wife being cut open. (An autopsy was performed Monday, but toxicology results could take up to six weeks to be final.)

7. He insists they were in love "We found love," he told Access Hollywood Monday. "Brittany didn't get to where Brittany was with anyone controlling her."

Bottom line: I would need to be admitted to the gotdamn NUTHOUSE if I were him. What about y'all? Is it just me?

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Ineedmyfix.com said...

It's not just you Julia! I would be inconsolable to say the very least. Give an interview to a gossip show? Not in a million years.

She seemed like such a decent girl. A 'real' girl...not pretentious but it seems she lost her way. :(