Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kevin McKidd - One Hot Ginger (And the Recommended Weekend Movie that Kevin McKidd is NOT in...

Hotish Scottish!
(or should it be Hot Scot?)

Nevertheirregardless (thanks David Sedaris, for that word), let's all give this darling Scotsman Kevin McKidd a good look, shall we?

I first saw Kevin in the epic ROME series back in 2005-2007, and in Hannibal Rising the same year. He was fantastic in ROME as "Lucius". Then Patrick's a-hole ex-partner (whom I LOATHE) was a producer on the TV series, Journeyman, which was canceled after just one season. Patrick met Kevin on several occasions and said that he was a warm and delightful man. I think he has very kind eyes, don't you? Cutie McHotScot.

Patrick had and unintentionally hilarious walk-on during an episode of Journeyman when they were filming in Headquarters San Francisco. There was no way you could miss Patrick doing his best Julian Kaye-walk (Richard Gere in American Gigolo) with his queer dog, Sam. I nearly peed when I saw him in his scene. If you haven't seen American Gigolo, Gere walks very slowly and kind of tipped backwards in a very snooty manner.

Could I be a little more ADD this morning? I go from Kevin McKidd to Patrick to Richard Gere. 

Let's make American Gigolo the Recommended Movie of the Weekend just for fun.

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Annette said...

I have the Rome season 1 DVD's - fantastic series. Another thing in common Jules!