Monday, December 7, 2009

"A Single Man"

Tom Ford, Designer/Writer/Director
and Hot Piece of Ass 
Madonna looks tremedous
at the "A Single Man" Premiere

As I'm sitting here doing "research in my office" (read: trolling the internet from my Sleep Number Bed), I've decided to do a piece (that sounds fancier than post) on That Hot Piece of Ass, Tom Ford, and his new film, A Single Man

Gay? I could not care less that Tom's gay. So much so, that I kind of lost my mental footing and asked Stephen probably the most ridiculous question in our married life: "Isn't TOM FORD, like, the hottest gay man EVVVERRRR??" As we all know, we have a picture That Hot Piece of Ass, Tom Ford hanging in our walk-in closet--and it's not just for MY viewing pleasure. (You've all heard the story of "so if you had to be gay for a dude, who would it be?", and Stephen's answer without missing a beat was That Hot Piece of Ass, Tom Ford!!) Hey, we have framed photos of Angelina Jolie all over the house (including the master bathroom, so it's cool, right?)

Where was I, forpitysake? Ah, yes. The Single Man. I know my darling queers out there know all about That Hot Piece of Ass, Tom Ford and his major success as an iconic fashion designer, but did you know that he wrote and directed this new film? (I know they all know, but I have to fill in the straights on this shit, too.)

Read and learn, people. Read. And. Learn: via ONTD:

"Stepping out for an evening of cinema, Madonna attended a special screening of “A Single Man” hosted by The Cinema Society and Bing in New York City on Sunday (December 6).

Held at The Museum of Modern Art, the Material Girl was decked out in her finest garb, mingling with a guest list including Nicholas Hoult, Julianne Moore and Tom Ford.

As for “A Single Man,” the Tom Ford directed drama stars both Miss Moore and Colin Firth, along with Matthew Goode, Ginnifer Goodwin and Keri Lynn Pratt.

The highly acclaimed film is described as “a story that centers on an English professor who, after the sudden death of his partner tries to go about his typical day in Los Angeles.” 
A Single Man in HD

Trailer Park | MySpace Video

Okay, I just read this "piece" to Stephen (so he knows when I'm talking gay shit about him). He said, "I didn't SAY "That Hot Piece of Ass, Tom Ford"...I just said TOM FORD."

The. End.

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jeanbean said...

You are so mean to poor Stephen!