Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tiger Woods lost another sponsorship this weekend. "Please DON'T be a Tiger" - Accenture

Is AT&T next?

Unintentionally funny...
"Go on. Be a Tiger."

Let's start counting down...first Gatorade dropped Tiger's drink (even though they are saying they were not "going forward" with their strange Tiger juice), then Gillette found Tiger to be an unsavory spokesman. Today, Accenture, the investment management company based in Belgium dropped his ass. 

When will AT&T kick him to the curb? You just know there are some juicy text messages sent via AT&T! Photos, too!

Sure, you can send 'em MY way.


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jeebas said...

Probably the only bright spot for Tiger amidst this hot scandal is the fact that Tag Heuer has decided to cling on to him.