Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here comes Tiger Woods, here comes Tiger Woods, right down Rehab Lane!

'Member when Tiger used to
scream "EFF YOU SEE KAY"
on the green? Or in his driveway?
Or in his hotel room?

Okay. I'll stop. And I know that is a lame headline. It's all I have.

Did Tiger call Charlie Sheen and David Duchovny for a little advice? Sure looks like it. Now, this falls under the category of "Grain of Salt", but The Enquirer is reporting that Tiger is going to the rehab. Awesome. I'll bet there are some hot blonds with fake titties being treated for an eating disorder...just his type!  

via The Enquirer:

"In a last-ditch effort to save his marriage, a shell-shocked Tiger Woods will check into rehab to seek treatment for his sexual compulsions and prescription drug use, insiders have told The Enquirer exclusively. The disgraced golfing great agreed to get help at an Arizona clinic after spending the Christmas holiday with his family, say sources. The serial cheater's decision to get therapy is part of a deal struck with his stunning wife Elin to persuade her not to dump him.

"Elin gave Tiger an ultimatum -- seek treatment or forget all about winning her back," revealed an insider. "Rehab is at the top of the list of things he must do. Tiger will be going into rehab in early January to treat his sexual compulsion and his use of the drugs Ambien and Vicodin."

This will never work...in oh, so many ways.

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