Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Today's Blind Item - "Tigress" Edition

"We're not sure why everyone cares so much about this whole Tiger Woods thing. Sure, it's despicable, but it's not like it's unique. What would really shake things up is if the mistresses started coming out for this married female A list singer. Not Christina Aguilera."

I've heard some real stories about who this chick could be (read: a friend of a friend hooked up with this A List singer recently). I think this A-lister tries waaaaay too hard to appear to have a Perfect Family with all of the pictures of them dressed in such an oh, so cool manner.

Oh, and her husband does the same thing...his way.


Stuart said...

The Stefani/Rossdale fun would be my guess.

GoalieGirl said...

I thought of Stefani as well.